"FUSED GLASS CLASS! Stop the car!"

That's how it all started, with me shouting and pointing at a sign on the sidewalk. (I was also driving so it made for a slightly scary and exciting moment). The sign was, in fact, a sign. Just days before, a friend had suggested we look into fused glass. We had just bought a used kiln with the intent of someday setting up a pottery studio. Little did we know, the universe had other plans for us. So we walked into the shop, chatted with the owner, and signed-up for the class starting later in the week. Because a part-time student/full-time lab tech manager and a full-time admin assistant have time for a new hobby, right?

The someday of a pottery studio was usurped by the now of a glass studio. We had a cement floor poured in our garage, bought a new kiln (the used kiln would not work for glass), and stocked the studio with sheets of delicious, vibrant sheets of glass. All we needed was a name and we would be good to go. We played around with names based on nature, but nothing really quite fit us. On a drive home, we were listening to the Indigo Girls and pondering names. At nearly the same time we both said, "What about StrangeFire?" It was meant to be.

The 'we' of StrangeFire Studios is Aimee Stormo and Mo Hendrickson. I'm Mo, and StrangeFire is my full-time gig. Aimee works full-time following her passions as a Speech Language Pathologist Therapist and works in the studio as time allows. I worked full-time for several years in a 9 to 5 and the studio was my nights and weekends affair. When we moved from Eastern Washington to Sumner, WA (South of Seattle) for Aimee's job, I seized the opportunity to immerse myself in the studio full-time! Best. Decision. Ever. Okay, so marrying Aimee was the best decision ever. (Aimee here: You'd better believe it!) The studio is a close second.